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Pierre is a recurring character on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. He is a renowned children's entertainer who frequently appears on Channel 5.

He is portrayed by Ron Austar (both in-universe and outside the universe), who also regularly portrays himself in other Tim and Eric projects.


Pierre is a parody of children's entertainers, often directly speaking to his audience and referring to them as "children" or "kids". He makes instructional interactive tapes for children that teach about subjects such as dancing, meditation, and avoiding frostbite. Despite being a children's entertainer, he often cusses whenever scared or angry at a situation.

Pierre has an infatuation with fresh meat. To the point almost every skit he appears in references meat and/or keeping meat fresh. One of Pierre's greatest fears is rotten meat and one of his favorite places to be are barbecues. His other notable obsession is dads (a direct parody of children's entertainers who are usually closer to children. It could also be a subversion on the typical perverted children's entertainer joke). He especially loves dads with thick mustaches. In the dream cream sketch, Pierre was shown to love fast internet.

Pierre has a habit of making his backup singers and dancers uncomfortable. Usually by taking a segment off the rails or by asking kids about their dads.

On Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Pierre makes frequent appearances in Tim and Eric Awesome show, usually performing song numbers. Most notably "Doo Da Doo Doo", "All the Food is Poison" and "Dream Cream". He also makes an appearance performing Doo Da Doo Doo in the "No Sex Week" parade.

On the episode Innernette, Pierre hosts the Channel 5 dance party. While going past multiple characters, he makes a comment that he once impregnated Deborah Tatum.

In the "Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job 50th Anniversary Spectacular", he performs "Meditation for Children". In "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Chrimbus Special", he performs "Don't Get the Bite".

Ron Austar appears in "AWESOME 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY VERSION, GREAT JOB?" playing himself as the actor for Pierre. Even when out of character, he still makes passing references about kids' dads and refers to the audience as "Children". In the special, he promotes Cinco's "Bye Bye Barber System".

On Beefhouse

Ron Austar plays himself on Beefhouse.



  • "I wanna know your dad"
  • "Where's your dad kids?"
  • "Dont eat that meat"
  • "I wanna meet that dad!"
  • "Get sexy, kids!"
  • "Turning me on now!"


  • Ron Austar has actually rated people's dads on his Facebook as the character.
  • In the uncut version of "Doo Da Doo Doo", Pierre suggests very controversial things for the children to do, such as lick their lips, having a glass of wine (he won't tell) and to "make a doo doo".
    • It's possible early on, Pierre was supposed to be much closer to children than to dads.