MyEggs is a drug used to help reduce the cost of egg bills. It was developed and is being marketed by Cinco Dairy, a division of the Cinco Family. It acts by creating one dozen eggs.


MyEggs pills are white in color and egg shaped. The recommended dosage is one pill 72 hours prior to evacuation. One pill is enough to create one dozen eggs. The pill uses real Chicken embryos which are activated by feces, causing them to incubate and become eggs inside of the intestinal tract. The eggs are later passed through the rectum.


After taking the dosage, it is highly recommended that you prepare your toilet nest. MyEggs comes with a disposable paper shredder that can be used to shred the cardboard box, creating straw. The nest is attached to the toilet and used to catch the eggs during the evacuation process.

Side effects

In clinical trials, the most common adverse effects of MyEggs use included discomfort during the evacuation process.

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