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Drink milk, Think milk, Eat milk, Be milk.

David Liebe Hart (aka D.L. Hart, full name David Nkrumah Liebe Unger Hartmann) is an actor/puppeteer on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tim and Eric Nite Live. He made his first appearance on the season 1 episode Salame.

David is known for his beliefs in extraterrestrials (known as Corrinians). He usually sings with his puppets for different reasons such as for children to stay in school, the new love of his life, drinking milk to stay healthy. David was featured in The James Quall Story as himself.

In real life both he and James are good friends and have worked together for many years on Public Access Hollywood. On Nite Live he is without his puppets, but continues to sing and prays at the end of almost every episode. In addition to acting, David has released a number of music albums including gospel songs and his own originals.In June of 2014 a Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund a new album by David and electronic producer Jonah "The' Mole" Mociun.

Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program

Before the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, David created a public access show named "Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program." In this bizarre show, David uses his very own puppets to praise god and read excerpts from the Bible. The date of the first episode is unknown, but according to Andy Nyman, David kept the program on TV for over 20 years, until it ended some time in 2008. Hart has a whole collection of puppets that have been featured on the show. The puppets he used consisted of Chip the Black Boy, Albert Herman, Teddy Eddy, Doug the Dog, Mr Grey the Spaceman and Wagner the Giraffe. A few of these puppets have made appearances on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, alongside Hart. A guest would also accompany the puppets, reading pieces from the Bible along with the characters.  

In 2011, the Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program was brought back onto TV, with a whole new set being used. Instead of just being named the Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show, the program was titled "The New JCSBLP." Many of David's puppets came back, such as Chip the Black Boy, Lamadog and Mr. Grey the Spaceman. It is unknown if the program is still on the air, due to only 2 episodes being released online.  

In 2015, a DVD titled "Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show Vol. 1 DVD" was released on David's own website. As of 2019, the DVD is no longer available, but can still be bought on sites such as eBay. It is unknown if David will release a Vol. 2 to this series, as another volume hasn't been released in 3 years. 

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