"Dad's Off" is the second episode of Season 2 of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, and the twelfth episode in the series overall. It originally aired on November 25th, 2007.

Episode Synopsis

Drama ensues when Eric has to compete for his children's respect, against the coolness of the Heidecker family. “Kid Break” returns with a rap about kissing your sister. The newest Cinco product, "Thocks" combines the thong and the sock into one piece of clothing that will spice up your wardrobe. Spagett attempts to spook and surprise people on his hidden camera show. Eric looks for his Chippy in a Thanksgiving dinner. David Liebe Hart sings about his love for one of his puppets.


Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
Supporting Cast
  • Martin Bell as Office Worker
  • Tanner Berney as Tanner Heidecker
  • Joey Brander as Joey Heidecker
  • Mark Brunetti as Thocks Buddy
  • Russ Burd as Thock-Stalker
  • Michael Carlucci as Husband
  • Susan Deming as Thock Wife
  • David Gore as Wareheim Kid
  • Bill A. Jones as Announcer (Voice Only)
  • Mobin Khan as Armando
  • Shane Kaufman as Heidecker Kid
  • David Liebe Hart as Himself
  • Ryan Lockett
  • Martin Magdaleno as Eric's Son
  • Casey Margolis as Wareheim Kid
  • Mariah Matteson as Heidecker Kid
  • Jenna Miller as Wareheim Kid
  • Jessica Rizo as Thong Wearer
  • Charlie Schiefer
  • Troy Vincent as Office Worker

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