"Comedy" is the first episode of Season 5 of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, and the forty-first episode of the series overall. It originally aired on February 28th, 2010.

Episode Highlights

Tim and Eric develop a comedic platform for their bits, while runny doo threatens Baseball Man's wedding. James Quall and David Liebe Hart star in a new Channel 5 cop drama, Quall of Duty.


  • New Tim and Eric Opening
  • Tim and Eric - New Format
  • Cinco Diarrheaphram
  • Tim and Eric - New Format Part 2
  • Quall of Duty San Diego Streets
  • Morning Meditations
  • Tim and Eric - New Format Part 3
  • Corbin Bernsen Amateur Attorney at Law
  • Cinco Diarrheaphram Part 2
  • Tim and Eric - New Format Part 4
  • Quall of Duty San Diego Streets Part 2
  • Brule's Rules
  • Tim and Eric - New Format Part 5 / Closing Credits

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring
  • Corbin Bernsen as Himself
  • Jack McBrayer as Best Man
  • John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule
  • Danny Trejo as Criminal
  • Mark Alfa as Pedestrian
  • Ron Austar as Bride's Parents
  • Wayne Baldwin as Wedding Guest
  • DeeDee Bigelow as Bridesmaid
  • Steven Blincoe as Orin
  • Marc Downing as Pedestrian
  • Bob Druwing as Himself
  • Richard Dunn as Himself
  • Mickey Faerch as Morning Meditation Woman
  • James Foster as Groomsman
  • Ambrose Gibbs as Audience Member
  • Tanese Gray as Bride
  • Zak Lee Guarnaccia as Bad Guy
  • David Liebe Hart as Himself
  • Ben Hur as Himself
  • Jay Mawhinney as Himself
  • Jennifer Nelson as Bridesmaid
  • Claire Proft as Eric's Date
  • James Quall as Himself
  • Bob Ross as Himself
  • Rocael Rueda as Wedding Guest
  • Sasky Sengapon as Bad Guy
  • Brian Stashick
  • Warren Stearns as Pastor
  • Vera Taylor as Wedding Guest
  • Joe Thamawat as John
  • Jim Thornton as Announcer (Voice Only)
  • Elliott Williams as Groom
  • Rachel Staman as Hostage


  • This was the first episode to air in 16:9 high definition.

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