The Cinco-Fone first appears in Season 3 and was advertised by Ed Begley Jr.. The cinco phone is the new mobile device from Cinco Products. It is much easier to use than a normal phone because it has only one button. to dial a number like 9 one must press the button 9 times. the Cinco-Fone has 2 antennas for extra reception and a battery life of one phone call. the best part about the Cinco-Fone is that it cannot recieve calls, it can only make them. This eliminates the annoyance of telemarketers. The Cinco-Fone has been known to overheat causing 2nd degree burns on the user, so every cinco phone comes with a free tube of cooling gel.

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Add for Cinco's "C-Fone".

The Cinco Fone is a revolutionary device introduced by Tim & Eric. The phone contains many features and they are as follows:

-Cannot Recieve Calls

-Only Contains 1 Battery

-2 Hour Battery Charging

-Required Use Of Cooling Gel (Causes 2nd Degree Skin Burns)

-2 Antennaes for improved reception

-Heavy As Hell, But That's A Good Thing

Modeled by Ed Begley Jr.