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Krunk and Dilly

The Beaver Boys are Dilly and Krunk. They love going out and eating shrimp with white wine. They usually show off a few dance moves such as the "Beaver Bounce", "Magnus Magnus", "Richardson Richardson", and "Krinking". This is usually accompanied by heavy drinking of white wine. This usually makes them sick however, and they throw up. They are notoriously good with the ladies and have a multitude of std's.

Dance Moves

The Beaver Boys have a number of unique dance moves performed often, including the:

  • Abe Lincoln
  • Beaver Bounce
  • Corwin's Crouch
  • Dirty Hamper
  • Fledgling Gulps
  • Krinking
  • Krunkle Kick
  • Magnus Magnus
  • Pestel Press
  • Richardson Richardson
  • Sips